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Choose the option that resonates with you the most to learn more:



I'm here to shop your pre-made templates!



I'm motivated to organize my digital workspace, but don't know where to begin.

Done For Me

I'm feeling overwhelmed by my digital workspace, but don't have the time to build a system. 

Custom Drive Organization

Know you need to organize your Google Drive, but just don't have the time? I offer start-to-finish file organization services. Book a free consultation for more information, pricing, and availability!


  • 60-Minute Drive Walkthrough

    • ​Show me around your Google Drive, the pain points you’re experiencing, and give me a high level overview of your business needs.

  • Organization Framework

    • ​I'll create a custom framework based on what you share with me in our consultation. I'll take into account the specific needs of your business, as well as any other preferences you share with me.

  • Sorting & Naming Files

    • ​All files in your drive will be renamed and sorted into their appropriate folder. You will receive an “Uncategorized” folder with any items I have questions about that you can review at your own convenience.

  • Drive Organizer & Video Tour

    • ​Once completed, I will provide you with my Drive Organizer, which outlines the new framework, and a video tour of your newly organized drive that you can reference back to whenever needed.

Packages starting at: $750

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